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„The functional side“:

Toni A. Heimbring, born in 1958, has studied business administration and psychology. In 1984, he started his career in the HR department of Digital Equipment Germany.

From 1988 until 1998 he held various leading positions in human resources and organization as well as in country management in multinational companies, e.g. Microsoft, Softlab/BMW and Picker/GEC. During this time, he also was member of several supervisory boards, both in Germany and abroad.

After his 15 year long management career in technology companies, Toni A. Heimbring founded the consultancy firm skills development GmbH. The focus of the consulting services is the systematic analysis and optimization of the performance power in companies. This is done by consulting and coaching the top-level management.

His customers include leading international companies as well es medium-sized family businesses.

Furthermore, Toni A. Heimbring supports personalities from politics and society as a personal coach. He’s the co-author of multiple publications on leadership, customer relationship management and company succession.

The „personal side“:

Toni A. Heimbring is married, has two grown-up-children and lives in Munich. His motto is „Demand not spoil“, both in a private and professional context.

Born in Slovenia, raised in Germany and in his career influenced by a liberal, performance-oriented, Anglo-American learn and work ethic, he sees himself as a global citizen.

He functions as an intermediary between different personalities, mentalities and cultures in modern, in most cases internationally operating companies. Based upon his own experiences, he’s convinced that respect for the individual character of people, benefiting form their heterogeneity and their cooperativeness are the basic pillars for achieving common goals in companies as well as in society.

Building on that, he consults and supports people on their way to the top of their individual performance.